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do you believe in ghosts

What does it mean to investigate?  What do we do?  What do we use? 

There are many places around this world that are filled with activity of the past. Team SPECTRE seeks out these places of interest and investigates. Our stomping grounds are in the Akron/Canton areas, but we frequent the mid eastern areas of the United States as well. Often times we team up with other local area ghost hunters to rent out larger facilities for private hunts. Check out some photos of our past events, and sign up for a future event!


What to expect when you join us for a ghost hunt?

You don't have to be a seasoned ghost hunter to join our team for an investigation. All we ask is that you bring an open mind, respect for the buildings, and their living/non-living inhabitants. Please wear comfortable clothing, (weather appropriate) water to drink, and any ghost hunting equipment you may have. This may include flashlights, hand recorders, cameras, and video recorders. Most ghost hunts begin with an informational walk through so that you become familiar with the building. 


DO'S and DONT'S 

1.  DO NOT WHISPER.  Please never whisper during a ghost hunt - always speak loudly so that when audio is reviewed you will not be mistaken for a disembodied voice. 

2.  DO RESPECT OTHERS.  Always be courteous of others trying to get information around you - announce your presence, walk softly, and make note of any additional noise you make when someone is recording.

3.  DO Turn your cell phones off.

4. DO NOT SCARE. Scaring people on purpose is considered a big no-no.

5.  DO NOT wander off on your own.

6. DO wear comfortable clothes and bring plenty of fuel and water.  

7. DO come with an open mind.

8. DO NOT attend events under the influence of substances.  You will be immediately asked to leave without refund.