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SPECTRE lost another member to the other side. The SPECTRE community and everyone that knew Carla Rinehart on this side of the veil lost a wonderful person on June 26, 2021. We will miss her terribly.

Carla was quick witted but always in a way that could never be hurtful. She was a wonderfully fun cut-up. Her caring and sincere nature always made time with her too short. A hug from Carla was true acceptance. She was always willing to join in a road trip and always willing to pitch in to help. Her photography eye was astounding and her depth of knowledge on any given piece of equipment was equally amazing. When Carla would speak to a tour group at The Canton Palace, she captured everyone’s full attention. On our SPECTRE only trips, Carla was always our positive energy in the center of the group.


The road trips without her will be different. There will be a lot of, “you know Carla would have said,…” moments from now on, followed by a moment of sadness for our own loss. We will miss your laughter and your smile so much. Time took you from us too quickly. We will always remember our dear friend Carla.

Tribute Proudly Written by Joe Dutt

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