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Specialists in Paranormal Engagement, Communication & Team Research Expeditions

Team S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is a circle of friends that stretches from the Midwest to the eastern seaboard. Many of us belong to more than one paranormal group. We meet for adventures in ghost hunting as well as socializing within our community. We enjoy the camaraderie as we gather each time for another adventure, as we hope to encounter something new.  Each of us has our own reasons/motivations for seeking answers, but we are all life-long learners, and we are here for one another. Whether you are a seasoned ghost hunter, newbie, or are just curious but have never done this before, you are welcome to join us for a hunt, a dinner, or chat across the internet.


We are interested in learning whatever we can about the end of life. We all know the body ceases to live but is that it? Is there more? We have a plethora of religions, and scientific theories that attempt to explain if and why some part of us continues on after we die. We are seeking answers to what that something is. Are there other dimensions? Does string theory really exist?  Our quest is to learn, experience, and somehow use this information to enhance the world we live in. 


We don’t promote ourselves as demon, or monster hunters. We do not dash in with the sirens wailing, and throw out ghost traps to capture, and banish Hollywood's definition of what a ghost is.  If that is what you seek, we are not your group. Looking to scare one another in a creepy old building? We are not your group. We take what we do seriously, we respect the unknown, and the physical properties that we explore. 


Our investigation goals are to seek, and capture a photo, video, or audio that we cannot explain away or debunk. We seek to talk with any spirit that we may encounter, because we want to learn and to understand. If we can help lost spirits cross over, or somehow put their soul at ease, we seek to do so. 


If you have questions and have a strong desire to understand more as well, maybe you should consider joining us for an adventure or two!

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