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Canton, Ohio


The Theatre was designed by the noted Austrian-born architect, John Eberson of Chicago, who achieved fame during the 1920s through his creation of "atmospheric" theatres located in cities across the United States, including Akron's Civic Theatre. The Palace seeks to re-create a Spanish courtyard on a midsummer night. Its ceiling, a starry night with wisps of clouds, creates a dream effect. The Palace still has the original cloud machine that makes the clouds march continuously across the sky.
Many famous stars of the stage and screen have trooped across the Palace's stage in its lifetime, including George Burns, Jean Peters, and a host of other well-known show business personalities. 
Just one week before the building was slated for the wrecking ball, the Canton Jaycees stepped forward to act as the holding organization until a group of concerned citizens could be mobilized to make the Palace Theatre a viable business once again. The building reopened in 1980 and the restoration of the theater has been ongoing since. To date, approximately four million dollars have been spent restoring the magnificence of the building and updating for the future.
There are many from the Palace's past that remain at this magnificent building, from Mary and Carol in the green room, to Edward and the voices of many children in the balcony, come see for yourself the active history of the Canton Palace. 

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